I have been influenced by philosophers in various schools of thought.

I have found philosophy to be a very important influence to my thinking and decision making in everyday life. Not only has philosophy helped me see the world for what it is, philosophy is a framework for thinking that pierces through the surface level and is invaluable in objectively understanding other perspectives.

My own brand of philosophy has been derived heavily from the works of existential philosophers in living in a world that is seemingly absurd and lacks meaning. I believe it is up to each of us to find and define our own meaning in life and to find ways to live with passion and authenticity. My primary influence is by the philosophers Soren Kierkgaard and Jean-Paul Sartre, but has been further strengthened by the works of Friedrich Nietzche. Nonetheless, I have explored other realms of philosophy from the classical ideas of Socrates and Plato to Foucault's social theory and all the way to the ideas of W.E.B Dubois in Africana philosophy. In more modern times unrelated to existential philosophy, I have also found the writing of Rene Girard to relate to my upbringing and culture.

Privy to where I draw my influence and want to have a discussion? Reach out to me.